English/Spanish Broadcasting Schedule

Voice of Truth Radio

Our English/Spanish Programming Schedule


Spanish Programming starts  9pm thru 11am!

English Programming starts  11am thru 9pm!


Jorge Martinez “Wake up with Jesus” 8am to 9am (Spanish Programming)

Pastor Ron Zimmer “Freedom” 11am thru 1pm (English Programming)

If you have an idea to help improve the programming at WVDV 104.9 FM please give us a call (863) 386-0001, we are listener supported Radio.


3 thoughts on “English/Spanish Broadcasting Schedule”

  1. Buenos tardes hemos, estamos muy interesados en poner un anuncio radial, para toda la comunidad CRISTIANA.
    Estamos abriendo un Bakery restaurante Colombiano, y nos gustaría saber con quién nos podemos comunicar?
    Esperamos una pronta respuesta gracias.

  2. From Pembrock Pines:

    It is a pleasure see how Voice of Truth Radio is growing internally. Taking the seed and looking for a tree and then for the fruit and then using the seed to look for the tree and fruits until a whole farm or forest. It is my pray that the people of highlands County receive the Vison of Voice of Truth in order to complete the purpose of God Father..

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